Jo Clayton's Fact Sheet

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BORN:  February 15, 1939, Modesto, California

DIED:  February 13, 1998, Portland, Oregon

RAISED: on a farm outside Modesto, California (1939-1956)

University of California, Berkeley (1956-1958)
Modesto Junior College (1959)
University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1960-1963) Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Taught English, history, Latin at Bell High School, Bell, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) (1964-1969)

Had a conversion experience and joined the Sisters of Mount Carmel for three years--found that the experience faded and I wasn't all that good at subordinating myself to the commands of others.

Taught English, art, at A.J. Bell Junior High, New Orleans, Lousiana (1971-1979)

Moved to Portland, Oregon, 1983.

First book, Diadem from the Stars, published 1977.

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